The holiday season is here! Plan a comfortable and safe holiday for the four-legged members of your family with the following tips:

Decorate safely.

french-bulldog-christmas-treeThere are a variety of decorations that can cause problems for your pet. Lightcords, when chewed or frayed, can cause severe burns or electrocution. Ribbons and tinsel can also lead to trips to the emergency room, often resulting in complicated surgery or even death. Prevent these disasters by keeping decorations out of your pet's reach.

Mind your holiday plants.

Mistletoe and poinsettia are poisonous, and ingested pine needles can cause digestive tract blockage. Keep your pet away from these plants and you just might save yourself a trip to the emergency room.

Keep human food for the humans, and pet food for the pets.

Table scraps aren't pet snacks. Many holiday foods are loaded with fat and sodium, and can cause stomach upset or worse. Turkey bones can easily get stuck in the digestive tract.

Keep trash barrels and compost bins secure.

Dumpster diving dogs often suffer from pancreatitis and other discomfort when dining on leftovers.

Provide solitude.

Guests may cramp your pet's style - keep his or her favorite place free from holiday hubbub so your pet can relax and get away.

Make holiday trips safe and prepare for them well in advance.

Take precautions when traveling with your pet no matter how you choose to travel. Several days before departing, consult with your veterinarian about how to properly prepare for your trip.