Dog and cat smile for camera

Contrary to the popular belief that cats and dogs are supposed to have bad breath, the first sign of dental disease, kidney disease, or a wide array of serious medical conditions, can often be a bad odor coming from your pet's mouth.

Signs your pet may be suffering from dental disease include:

  • Bad breath
  • Red gums
  • Facial swelling
  • Yellow or brownish build up on the teeth
  • Decreased appetite or dropping food from the mouth indicates a painful mouth

Dental Care Tips

  • Home Care: We are happy to teach you how to examine your pet's mouth, the proper brushing technique, and recommend treats and diets that support dental health.
  • Regular Check Ups: As part of your pet's regularly scheduled preventive exam, we spend significant time examining the health of their teeth and gums.
  • Treat Early: By performing regular dental cleanings, we can avoid many more serious, and expensive, dental problems like tooth extractions.